What words work best in my ads?

You want to identify wasted ad spend by checking which words work best in your ads. Looking at your ad account, it’s hard to see patterns of what words are working. How do you extract out the keywords in the ads to get a better picture of performance?


Ngrams Analysis

NGrams are 1, 2, or 3+ word phrases that text can be broken down into for analysis...More


Mike Taylor

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1. Scenario
Upsert Offices – Monday Morning
Sally Valentine
at Upsert

You've probably heard we're on an efficiency drive this week

The CEO has asked us to think creatively about areas we don't normally look at

I was thinking that although we do analysis on an individual ad basis

We don't really look at creative performance across ads based on what words we use in the ads

Did you want to take a look at that and see what we can find?

If you can do an NGram analysis of the ad account, we should be able to spot some opportunities to improve

Thanks in advance!

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2. Brief

The standard way to do creative analysis is to look at individual ads. But the same ads or similar ones can exist across multiple campaigns and ad groups, so you'll be missing broader patterns by looking at one ad in isolation. NGrams are a natural language processing technique for breaking text into 1, 2, or 3+ word phrases.

Words can have a lot of meanings, so you want to look at them next to other words as well as on their own; maybe ads containing “3 star hotel” perform poorly, but “4 star hotel” gets clicks. You wouldn't see that if you just looked at the word "star". Looking at short phrases within ads gives more insight into creative performance while still being broad enough to work across the whole account.

The way to do analysis by ngram is to tag each ad with its ngrams, then add up the clicks, impressions, cost, conversions, etc of each ad containing the NGrams — then you can calculate the click-through rate, cost per click, conversion rate, CPA or ROI to see the impact of that NGram across ads.

If the performance is good, you might want to make new ads around the NGram; if the performance is bad, you might want to rewrite your ads to exclude that NGram.

3. Tutorial

Hey, I'm going to show you how to use a for-loop to run this function for each of the one gram two gram and three ground keywords. So first of all, I created four loops are going to say for ground. And then you to say range one to four because their range you know, start at one and the no good to toot and they get to three of the, no stop before four.

4. Exercises
5. Certificate

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