What other bad keywords are we matching?

Your boss Googled "vegan hotdogs" and saw one of your ads appear. Just one problem... our hotdogs ain't vegan. What other irrelevant terms are you bidding on?


Negative Keywords

Search Query Reports are one of the most important analyses you can do when optimizing your PPC account...More


Mike Taylor

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1. Scenario
Danielle Oscar
at Dog Shed

Ok I get it

Google's matching isn't the greatest

But surely it's obvious we shouldn't be bidding on 'vegan hotdogs'!?

I'm not sure why you didn't set this up as a negative to begin with

What other bad keywords are we matching?

Let's get this rectified

Can you do a search query report?

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2. Brief

Search query reports are among the highest value things you can look at when running a PPC account. Google is notoriously unreliable when it comes to matching to relevant keywords: what does it matter to them if your ad spend is being wasted? This is something you need to monitor religiously yourself to make sure you can drive performance.

Google and other search engines usually provide some visibility into what you matched to. You can go through these matches and then find the ones that aren't relevant. For example there are some keywords that are completely irrelevant ("vegan hotdogs" if you sell beef hotdogs). There are other negatives you want to add to divert spend to the right place. For example if you're matching to a competitors name in your generics account, you want to add a negative at the campaign level in generics to divert spend to the right place.

3. Tutorial

Hey, let's learn how to do a negative keywords report. Okay. So this is the search terms report that you typically get from Google ads. You can export that from the platform and it gives you you know, what you match to what, what search terms you matched to what ad group that was in that the match occurred.

Search Terms Dogshed
4. Exercises
5. Certificate

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