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You should spend twice as much time on the presentation of the data as you do finding insights to present. Otherwise your data will never drive important decisions because the people that make those decisions are busier and less technical than you are.


Data Visualization

Improving the presentation of data to remove noise and get to the core of what you're trying to communicate (data ink), so that you can be more effective in driving important decisions...More


Mike Taylor

Built a 50-person growth agency.
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1. Scenario
You're contributing to an investor presentation and your boss is simultaneously happy and unhappy. You found a killer insight, but presented it in a poor way. Nobody ever told you how to make it better!
Sally Valentine
at Upsert

I need to talk to you about a chart

First, I just want to say I thought about it and this is one of the most important insights in the whole presentation!

Knowing that 2/3rds of our ad spend goes on variations we eventually turn off is very important for our discussion with investors

It shows how much we need to spend to find a winning variation

That said, the way you presented it... needs some work

I'm not sure if you've ever taken a data visualization course, but I'm about to blow your mind

Let me send you a blog post on the 'data ink' ratio

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2. Brief

The concept of data-ink comes from Edward Tufte, in The Visual Display of Quantitative Information. He described data-ink as the "non-erasable core of the graphic", meaning stripping away anything redundant to get to the core of the story you're telling with the data.

Most charts suffer from too much redundant information or noise, which can make them hard to read. Most people, in particular important decision-makers, don't spend as much time with data as the person who made the chart, so there's a constant danger of miscommunication that must be addressed.

Data-ink is what's left over when you remove anything that's not directly supporting the message of the chart. The default charts and popular features available in Excel or GSheets often run counter to best practices for conveying information. By removing redundant labels, increasing font size, getting rid of special effects, and other simple rules, you can make an immediate impact on a chart's effectiveness.

3. Tutorial

Hey, we're going to improve the data increase, share of first shop. So you see this sort of thing all the time.

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