Can we trust this model?

You've built a model... but can you trust it? There are many statistical tests you can run to validate your model, but they've all got confusing-sounding names. What's most important when checking if your model is accurate?

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What You'll Learn:

How do you answer the question "Can we trust this model?" – learn how Model Accuracy can help you find the answer!

Model Accuracy

Can you trust the accuracy of your model? This is a surprisingly existential question, covering a lot of fundamental statistics, which you absolutely need at least a basic working knowledge of. Read More

This Course Includes:

6 Chapters

55 Sections

19 Exercises

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1 hour, 48 minutes

Course curriculum

1. When the client questions the model6
2. The four assumptions of regression13
3. Does this model make sense?9
4. Interpreting the standard statistical tests7
5. Running your own statistical tests10
6. Predicting data we haven't seen before10

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