We need to set up GA4

By mid 2023 Google will sunset Universal Analytics (the Google Analytics we’re all used to). GA4 will become the replacement Analytics product and given it’s different on almost all fronts, it’s important you have it running months before the cut off.


Tracking Implementation

GA4 packs a lot of new features that will become invaluable to your business...More


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1. Scenario
The business wants GA4 implemented after hearing that Universal Analytics will stop working soon. You haven’t used GA4 (let alone heard of it), but your boss wants you to handle the rollout of GA4.
Gustav Gieger
at GoolyBib

Hey, I don’t know if you saw the announcement, but Google is going to sunset our current Google Analytics and replace it with a new product; GA4.

I’d like us to get ahead of this as quickly as possible, I’ll need you to work on a plan to roll this out with the support of our developers.

I found some documentation provided by Google on how to get started with GA4.

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2. Brief

GA4 (Google Analytics version 4) is Google’s brand new Analytics product which will be replacing Universal Analytics (UA). One point to note is this isn’t really a “replacement”, it’s more like a brand new tool with a vastly different way of measuring when compared to Universal Analytics.

Although a lot of us are hoping to “migrate” over to GA4, since Google has changed pretty much everything about the product (including the definition of sessions), my recommendation is to approach this as the implementation of a brand new Analytics tool.

Because of GA4’s event limitations it requires a strategic layer prior to implementing it unlike its predecessor UA - specifically around the events we want to measure and what to collect within them.

The way to approach the rollout of GA4 is to document your website/app’s core events and build out what’s known as a measurement plan.My recommendation for defining conversion events is to think about why your website exists. What is its core purpose?

For example, if you’re a B2B/SaaS business, it’s probable your site is about more customers contacting you - essentially lead form submissions or sign ups. For ecommerce, it’s bound to be product purchases and for a blog, it might be views of your post, or potentially link clicks.

All of these are great starting points in building a measurement plan, and one that will help ensure you don’t end up paying for GA4 unless you need to.

3. Tutorial

Hello everyone. So we are going to be working on GA for today. And I want to just highlight a few differences and similarities between GFR and universal analytics.

We need to set up GA4
4. Exercises
5. Certificate

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