Make me 205 ads

Every PPC marketer knows tailoring your adcopy to your keywords is best practice for increasing conversion rates and lowering cost per click. However, nobody wants to sit there and write hundreds of unique ads.


AI Copywriting

…nobody except GPT-3! The good thing about AI is that it can tirelessly do tasks that humans don’t want to do, and it can do them near instantaneously at a massive scale...More


Mike Taylor

Built a 50-person growth agency.
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1. Scenario
Client meeting in the East Village, at the Dogshed hot dog stand
You’re talking to your client, the owner of Dogshed, a local hot dog stand chain located in the east village. She wants you to build a personalized ad for every keyword!
Danielle Oscar
at Dog Shed

Ok I know you probably can’t justify building an ad that’s relevant to every keyword

That’s 205 ads, and I know that’ll be lots of work

But my little cousin showed me this AI thing - GPT

It’s amazing

Why can’t you use that to do it?

Then you can just edit whatever it gets wrong

If we get it working we can expand out to more keywords easy

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2. Brief

Including the keyword in the ad can seriously improve conversion rate and lower ad costs on Google. However it can be time consuming to create a personalized ad for every single keyword. You might have hundreds or maybe even thousands of keywords, and no copywriter wants to endlessly write ads in a spreadsheet all day. Often you just use a template and insert the keyword for each row, but this makes the ads sound robotic and uninteresting. So as a tradeoff most marketers will agree to write custom ads for a handful of the top keywords, then use a template (or no personalization) for the less important ones.

This was fine given that writing ads is a highly manual process, but now has become relatively trivial to do this at scale with the advent of AI models like GPT-3 from OpenAI. These large language models (LLMs) excel at lots of tasks, but in particular they can handle arbitrary copywriting tasks with very few examples given. Using GPT-3 in Google Sheets can make the process far simpler to get results across a wide range of inputs, and get back structured results for use later. This will let you write a personalized ad for every single keyword in your account, with the keyword inserted more naturally.

3. Tutorial

0:01 Hey, I'm gonna show you how to use GT three to write your ads and write them at scale, right? So we have 200 different keywords here for hotdog vendor, right?

Dogshed Ads GPT-3 Sheets
4. Exercises
5. Certificate

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