How will we find good writers?

You’re not really using content as a growth channel if it’s still your founder writing all the posts. To make the channel scalable you need to find a way to keep the quality high while using outsourced freelancers to write it. For most topics I’ve found ‘professional’ writers are a bad fit: you need someone who is obsessed with the topic and just happens to be a writer.


Writer Recruitment

The best way to find vetted writers who know your topic, is by finding those who have already written on your topic and ranked on Google...More


Mike Taylor

Built a 50-person growth agency.
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1. Scenario
Ultra – a few months in to starting content marketing
You’ve seen some early success with content in the male skin care niche, but it’s still you and the founders doing all the writing. To scale the channel you need to recruit new writers, but you’re worried about quality. How can you find writers who obsess about skin care as much as you do?
Dushyant Dixit
at Ultra

Ok you know what, I have a simple, elegant approach here

Find out who is already ranking on Google for the keywords we’re targeting

…and hire them!

I know it’s surprising but most of these writers are available for hire, or at least open to moonlighting.

You know they’re good and they know about skincare, because they already ranked a post on the topic on the first page of Google

You can usually find their contact details with a little bit of internet sleuthing to find their social media or email address

As I said most of them are open to being contacted - no freelancer has too many clients

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2. Brief

The success of a content marketing strategy depends on the quality of its writers. Search engine results pages are saturated with boring SEO-optimized content, so it’s not just enough to write about a topic anymore: you have to have a unique angle that the rest of the competition on the page hasn’t covered. To do this requires a higher calibre of writer than you would typically have hired in the past, someone with domain expertise rather than a professional writer who would write on any topic they didn’t know much about.

In order to find writers that are passionate about your niche and have a proven track record of success, the solution is quite elegant. Simply search for writers who have already ranked on the keywords you’re targeting! They must know about your space (in any event you can read their content to check) and they have already written the type of content that ranks. Of course this isn’t a perfect proxy, you still have to vett them individually, but if you put in the work it shouldn’t take too long to find 3-5 writers who are willing to write for you.

What you might not realize is that a lot of the content you see on blogs these days is written by freelancers. So even if someone wrote for a similar site or even a competitor in the past, it doesn’t preclude them from writing for you. Even writers who work full time for another brand are often willing to moonlight, to write you some articles on the side, so long as the money is decent, and the hours are flexible. All you need to do is find their social media links or email (usually in their bio or on their website) and contact them to gauge their interest.

3. Tutorial

Okay. Let's talk about recruiting writers for content. Um, so typically, you know, you've done your keyword research. You have like a good idea of what types of content you want to write when you get to the stage and then you suddenly go, okay, how am I going to find someone's right.

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