How can we automatically add FAQ schema?

Imagine your writers have written 100 blog posts with FAQ's. You're researching whether it's possible to automatically add FAQ schema without their input.


FAQ Schema Generation

Overall, FAQ Schema is an incredibly useful tool for businesses to use...More


James Anthony Phoenix

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1. Scenario
Your boss is impressed with the output of the content team. However he's noticed that the FAQ schema is missing from all of the blog posts.
Gustav Gieger
at GoolyBib

The content team have done a fantastic job with organic traffic growth.

However, I'm concerned as we're missing rich snippets on most of the blog content.

I don't want to involve the writers in adding JSON-ld schema.

They've already added FAQ's to the page, can we parse the html content and dynamically create FAQ schema using Google Tag Manager?

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2. Brief

FAQ Schema is an incredibly powerful tool for businesses to use in order to provide helpful and accurate information to customers in search engine results. By implementing FAQ Schema, businesses can ensure that their answers to commonly asked questions appear directly in search engine result pages (SERPs). This can help to increase visibility and drive more traffic to a website.

Not only does FAQ Schema provide customers with direct answers to their questions, but it also helps boost a website’s SEO. Search engines take into consideration the presence of FAQ Schema when they rank pages, so by having it in place businesses can improve their overall ranking.

It is possible to implement FAQ Schema using JavaScript and Google Tag Manager (GTM). Javascript is a programming language that can be used to add structured data to web pages. With GTM, businesses can easily deploy the necessary JavaScript snippets to their website pages, making the process of implementing FAQ Schema much simpler.

Overall, FAQ Schema is an incredibly useful tool for businesses to use. Not only can it help provide customers with more accurate answers to their questions, but it can also help to boost a website’s SEO ranking. By implementing FAQ Schema using JavaScript and Google Tag Manager, businesses can make the process of adding structured data to their web pages much easier.

3. Tutorial

0:00 <affirmative>. Okay. So we've just been informed that a large amount of our writers have written these blog posts. But the problem is, is they haven't added the FAQ skim run.

4. Exercises
5. Certificate

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