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The better the brief you write, the cheaper the writer you can get away with. It’s expensive to hire a writer that knows as much about your space as you do, but you also can’t afford to write every post yourself. Writing better briefs is the solution to that tradeoff.


Creative Briefs

The creative briefing process is important to scaling content production...More


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1. Scenario
You have finished your keyword research for Ultra, a DTC men’s face wash startup that uses AI to personalize the product. Approval has been granted to get started, so you’re ready to brief the writer for your first blog post.
Dushyant Dixit
at Ultra

Ok we have approval for the content plan

Excited to kick this off

I’m happy to take your suggestion on “best face wash for oily skin” as the keyword to target first. It’s low difficulty, good volume, and our product works well for this audience segment

The writer we have available is a pro, but doesn’t yet know that much about this sector

We’re going to have to write a really good brief so there’s a nugget of useful information in there

Otherwise we’re going to end up with an SEO-ified article that’s no better than the rest of the posts on the search results page

Good luck!

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2. Brief

Creative briefing is the most important part of the content production process. It’s the key thing you need to get good at when transitioning from your founder doing all of your writing, to outsourcing and scaling content marketing with freelancers. With a bad creative brief your writer will spend far too much time on research and coming up with new angles, which they will find naturally a lot harder to do, not being involved with the company or industry full time. If you write good creative briefs, that spell out the approach to take, you can focus their efforts on delivery, saving yourself time and money.

There is no one standard template for creative briefs, but one of the first things to do is select your primary and secondary keywords. For SEO purposes it’s important that there is just one blog post on each topic on your website, because Google likes there to be one definitive answer to give someone searching on that topic. Related to that keyword there are usually 5-10 secondary keywords that don’t have as much search traffic, but should be included within the post, sometimes as headlines. Most importantly you should review the search results page and brainstorm what creative angles you can take that are different from what’s already ranking, and better to some segment of the audience. Finally write an outline of bullet points to give direction on how you are picturing the topic could be tackled.

3. Tutorial

Hey, we're going to walk through how to write a creative brief for a blogger to make sure that you get the best trade-off between.

Brief – best face wash for oily skin
4. Exercises
5. Certificate

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